QuizMiz Quiz 12

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1. What was the nickname of the cavalry regiment raised and trained by Oliver Cromwell in 1643?

2. Since March 1959, the Dalai Lama has been living in exile in which country?

3. In which US state would you find the cities of Manchester, Derry, Lisbon, Portsmouth and Berlin?

4. What mountain range is often referred to as the "backbone of Italy"?

5. Which cycling legend of the 70's and 80's was nicknamed "The Badger"?

6. Name one of the 2 German players who have been named "English Football Writers' Association Footballer of the Year".

7. In what country was the world's first airline founded? (BQ: in what year (+/- 20)?

8. How many known chemical elements are there (whose discoveries have been confirmed)? (+/- 10)

9. Which African head of state is protected by the "Amazonian Guard", a group of 40 hand-picked female bodyguards?

10. The first coffee-house in Europe opened 1554 in 
    a) London, b) Vienna, c) Paris or d) Constantinople?

11. On 13th July 1930, the first FIF World cup kicked off. Which country hosted it? (BQ: which country won it?)

12. True or False: Werner Seelenbinder was a famous German boxer in the 1920's and 30's?

13. What element is mainly extracted from the ore pitchblende?

14. Which animal is the mascot of toy-chain "Toys 'R' US"?

15. Where would you most likely find a picador?

16. What is the colloquial term for the UN peacekeeping forces?

17. What can you do with a gavotte: 
    a) eat it, b) dance it, c) strangle someone to death with it or d) play on it?

18. Long before he became famous as Fatboy Slim, Norman Cook was a member of which band?

19. What type of musical instrument is a sousaphone?

20. What nationality was physicist Niels Bohr?


1. Ironsides

2. India (Darashalam)

3. New Hampshire

4. The Apennines

5. Bernard Hinault

6. J?rgen Klinsmann, Bert Trautmann

7. Germany (1909) DELAG, Deutsche Luftschifffahrts-Aktiengesellschaft

8. 116

9. Muammar al-Gaddafi

10. d) Constantinople

11. Uruguay (Uruguay)

12. False - wrestler

13. Uranium

14. Geoffrey the Giraffe

15. in a bullfighting arena

16. blue helmets

17. b) dance it

18. The Housemartins

19. brass instrument (kind of tuba)

20. Danish

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