QuizMiz Quiz 11

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1. What was the title of Alexandre Dumas' sequel to his novel "The Three Musketeers"?

2. True or False: Soufflage, frottage, fumage and grattage are surrealist "painting" techniques?

3. How much does the average lemming (lemmus lemmus) weigh? (+/- 20g)

4. What sort of plant is vanilla obtained from?

5. In the 2003 movie "Bruce Almighty", who played the role of God?

6. What colour are the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: 
    a) golden, b) grey, c) white, d) pink or e) bronze?

7. By what name is the European bison also known?

8. Blood plasma makes up how many percent of the total blood volume of a human? (+/- 5%)

9. What are the first names of the 4 Halliwell sisters in the TV series "Charmed"?

10. Which Shakespeare play opens with the words "When shall we three meet againe? In Thunder, Lightning, or in Raine?.."?

11. How many Tate galleries are there in Great Britain: 
    a) 1, b) 2, c) 3 or d) 4?

12. Which country won the first Street Football World Cup

13. True or False: Curare, used by South American Indians to poison the tips of their arrows, is obtained from the skin of frogs?

14. Moths and butterflies use their antennae to 
    a) touch, b) smell, c) see, or d) hear, with?

15. What were the names of Roseanne & Dan Conner's 4 kids? (1 point per correct answer)

16. True or False: The famous HOLLYWOOD sign in California originally read HOLLYWOODLAND?

17. Before becoming President of the USA, Ronald Reagan was governor of which US state?

18. On the 28th July of what year did Maximilien Robespierre die on the guillotine? (+/- 20 years)

19. The longest artificial waterway in Germany is the 
    a) Midland Canal, b) Kiel Canal or c) Dortmund-Ems-Canal?

20. True or False: Lagos is the capital city of Nigeria?


1. "Twenty Years Later"

2. True

3. 80g

4. orchids (seedpods)

5. Morgan Freeman

6. d) pink

7. Wisent

8. 55%

9. Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige

10. Macbeth

11. d) 4 (London - Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Tate Liverpool, Tate St. Ives) (5th Tate Online)

12. Kenya

13. False (made from vines)

14. b) smell

15. Darlene, Rebecca (Becky), David Jacob (DJ), Jerry Garcia

16. True

17. California

18. 1794

19. a) Midland Canal (320 km)

20. False (Abuja)

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