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1. "Godfather of Punk" or "Rock Iguana" were the nicknames given to which punk rock singer?

2. Which novel does not use first-person narrative 
    a) "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", b) "Winnetou", c) "Frankenstein", d) "Gulliver's Travels", or e) "The Perfume"?

3. True or False: all mosses are evergreen?

4. A cow has incisors in the a) upper jaw, b) lower jaw, c) in both jaws or d) has no incisors at all?

5. Wolfgang Petersen has directed 3 films featuring a boat/ship. Name 2 of them. (1 point per correct answer)

6. On 8 September of what year did the first episode of the Star Trek franchise air in the US?

7. The Sibelius Academy is the only music university in which country?

8. What song starts with the words "It was the third of September, That day I'll always remember.."?

9. Which impressionist painter and sculptor was born Hilaire Germain de Gas in 1834?

10. Which composer wrote the most operas: 
    a) Georg Frideric Handel, b) Gioacchino Rossini, c) Wofgang Amadeus Mozart, d) Giacomo Puccini or e) Giuseppe Verdi?

11. What country do the Sporades Islands belong to?

12. Which four Italian Serie A clubs had been involved in the match-fixing scandal of 2006? (1 point per correct answer)

13. Which rider gets the "Prix Orange" award at the Tour de France?

14. What did Konrad Zuse become famous for in mid 20th century?

15. True or False: paper was invented in ancient Egypt?

16. The most-used colour on world flags is a) yellow, b) green, c) blue or d) red?

17. In which country do soldiers wear a kilt-like garment called fustanella?

18. In which two cities were the "Live Aid" benefit concerts held on 13th July 1985? (1 point per correct answer)

19. True or False: the rock band Chicago was formed in Chicago?

20. Isabel Allende, author of "The House of Spirits" and "Zorro", is the 
    a) daughter, b) niece, c) grand-daughter or d) sister of Salvador Allende?


1. Iggy Pop

2. e) "The Perfume"

3. False

4. b) only in the lower jaw

5. Das Boot, The Perfect Storm, Poseidon

6. 8 September 1966

7. Finland

8. Papa was a Rolling Stone

9. Edgar Degas

10. a) Georg Friedrich H?ndel (42)

11. Greece

12. AC Milan, Juventus, Fiorentina, Lazio Roma

13. most sympathetic/personable rider

14. computers

15. False (China)

16. d) red

17. Greece

18. London, Philadelphia

19. True

20. b) niece

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