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1. On 12th September of what year did the first Munich "Oktoberfest" take place? (+/- 50 years)

2. Of the following 5 events, 4 happened in the same year. Which one didn't? 
    a) "Baby Doc" flees Haiti, 
    b) the first module of the "Mir" space station is launched, 
    c) Olof Palme is assassinated, 
    d) Kurt Waldheim is elected president of Austria, 
    e) the oil tanker Exxon Valdez runs aground off the coast of Alaska

3. Which US state is known as the Sunshine State?

4. Which river runs through Madrid: 
    a) Douro, b) Manzanares, c) Tagus, d) Ebro or e) Guadalquivir?

5. Which Airline is the sponsor of the new Arsenal football stadium?

6. In summer 1896, the Irish politician John Pius Boland travelled to Athens as a tourist. He returned with 2 Olympic gold medals in 
    a) tennis, b) boxing, c) rugby or d) figure skating?

7. In which city was the world's first rotating bridge opened on 17 September 2001? (BQ: what is it called?)

8. What was the official currency of Kosovo and Montenegro from 1999 till 31 December 2001: 
    a) German mark, b) Russian ruble, c) Serbian dinar, d) Austro-Hungarian krone or e) Turkish lira?

9. Steve "The Colonel" Cropper, Donald "Duck" Dunn, Matt "Guitar" Murphy, Tom "Bones" Malone, Alan "Mr. Fabulous" Rubin and Lou "Blue Lou" Marini were all members of which band?

10. Which 70s/80s pop group released the 1978 album "Nightflight to Venus"?

11. What is the SI unit for pressure: a) pascal, b) bar, c) torr or d) atmosphere?

12. In what year did French engineer and chemist Georges Claude invent the neon lamp? (+/- 25 years)

13. Which Picasso painting had US billionaire Steve Wynn planned to sell for a record $US139 million before he put his elbow through it?

14. Ernest Hemingway's novel "The Sun Also Rises" is mainly set in which two cities? (1 point per correct answer)

15. Which plant was named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow?

16. What is the top speed the Greater Roadrunner, the fastest running flying bird, can reach? (+ 5 km/h)

17. Which actor, known for his explosive temperament, was born Nikolaus Karl G?nter Nakszyński on 18 October 1926?

18. While Rome was burning in 64AD, Nero allegedly was playing on his 
    a) lyre, b) fiddle, c) flute or d) sitar?

19. Which Christian order did St. Ignatius of Loyola found in 1534?

20. Name the four Asian countries that start with the letter M. (1 point per correct answer)


1. 1810

2. e) Exxon Valdez (1989)" the other 4 - 1986

3. Florida

4. b) Manzanares

5. Emirates Airlines

6. a) Tennis

7. Newcastle-upon-Tyne (Gateshead Millennium Bridge)

8. a) German mark / Deutsche Mark

9. The Blues Brothers

10. Boney M

11. a) Pascal

12. 1915

13. Le Reve (The Dream)

14. Paris, Pamplona

15. Iris

16. 27 km/h

17. Klaus Kinski

18. a) lyre

19. Society of Jesus (Jesuits)

20. Mongolia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Maledives

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