QuizMiz Quiz 8

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1. Who famously said "Ihr V?lker der Welt ... schaut auf diese Stadt!" ("Peoples of the world ... look at this city!")? (BQ: what city was he talking about?)

2. Charles Louis Napol?on Bonaparte, aka Napol?on III, was Napoleon I Bonaparte's
    a) son, b) grand-son, c) nephew or d) not related to him at all?

3. Out of Andorra's total borderline of 120.3km, how many km are coastline? (+/- 10km)

4. In which country would you find the port city of Valparaíso?

5. A game of water polo is divided into how many periods?

6. What are the three phases in triple jump? (1 point per correct answer)

7. The black and white stripes on a bar code represent 1's and 0's, which are the 0's?

8. What nationality was botanist, physician and zoologist Carolus Linnaeus (Carl von Linn?)?

9. Which famous daily newspaper, nicknamed "The Grey Lady", was founded on 18 September 1851?

10. The quote "Religion is the opium of the people" is attributed to whom?

11. What does the musical term "Adagio" mean?

12. Jack Higgins, author of thrillers such as "The Eagle has Landed", was born in which city?

13. What does NOT grow on palm trees: 
    a) figs, b) dates or c) nuts?

14. How many bones make up the human skeleton? (+/- 10)

15. What nationality was actress Sarah Bernhardt, also named "The Divine"?

16. Which sport is nicknamed the "sweet science"?

17. Edward "Eddie" Eagan is the only person to have won a gold medal in both the Summer and Winter Olympics. In which events? (1 point per correct answer)

18. What was the name of the writer/detective in the TV series "Murder She Wrote"?

19. Who wrote the novel "Breakfast at Tiffany's"?

20. Which singer, former lead vocalist of "The Undertones", was best known for his 1985 solo hit "A Good Heart"?


1. Ernst Reuter (Berlin)

2. c) nephew

3. 0 km (landlocked)

4. Chile

5. 4

6. Hop, Step (Skip), Jump

7. white

8. Swedish

9. New York Times

10. Karl Marx

11. slowly

12. Newcastle-upon-Tyne

13. a) figs

14. 206

15. French

16. Boxing

17. boxing, light-heavyweight (1920), bobsleigh (1932)

18. Jessica Fletcher

19. Truman Capote

20. Feargal Sharkey

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