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1. How many months was Chilean president Salvador Allende in office? (+/- 4 months)

2. In what century was Russian tsar Peter the Great born?

3. Which one is NOT a mountain in Italy: 
    a) Rocciamelone, b) Monte Grappa, c) Pizzo Carbonara, or d) Monte Pastrami?

4. Chişinău is the capital city of which European country?

5. From 1986 till 1994, French politician/businessman Bernard Tapie was owner & president of which football club?

6. What colour are the 2 outer rings on a archery target?

7. Group 1 of the periodic table of elements consist of 6 alkali metals. Name 3 of them

8. True or False: Laika the Russian space dog was the first animal in space?

9. Cambozola cheese originated from 
    a) Germany, b) Italy, c) France or d) Switzerland?

10. How many permanent members does the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) currently have?

11. By what name was the Lufthansa Flight LH 181, hijacked in the events of the "German Autumn" in 1977, commonly known?

12. Which hemisphere has more countries, the northern or the southern one?

13. How long and how wide is a volleyball court? (+/-1m) (1 point per correct answer)

14. What colour does litmus paper turn when it comes into contact with an alkali?

15. Which Austrian composer was known as "The Waltz King"?

16. The title of Madonna's 1983 debut album was 
    a) True Blue, b) Like a Virgin, c) Who's that Girl or d) Madonna?

17. Ammonia is a compound of which two chemical elements? (1 point per correct answer)

18. On 13th May 1950, the first Formula One Grand Prix was held at which racing circuit?

19. What is the name of the strong north/north-westerly wind blowing along the Mediterranean coast of France?

20. Which king did Josephe Jeanne Marie Antoinette von Habsburg-Lorraine marry in 1770, when she was only 14 years old?


1. 34 (Nov 1970 - Sep 1973)

2. 17th century (1672)

3. d) Monte Pastrami

4. Republic of Moldova

5. Olympique Marseille

6. White

7. lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, caesium, francium

8. False (first in orbit - first in space: fruit flies 1946

9. a) Germany ("invented" 1980)

10. 11

11. Landshut

12. the northern

13. 18 m x 9 m

14. blue

15. Johann Strau?

16. Madonna

17. nitrogen, hydrogen

18. Silverstone

19. Mistral

20. Louis XVI

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