QuizMiz Quiz 24

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1. What is the third longest river in the world?

2. Apart from "snatch" and "clean and jerk", which third lift was practised in the Olympics until 1972?

3. What do the initials "PVC" stand for?

4. In Greek mythology, what was the name of the 3-headed dog that guarded the entrance to Hades?

5. From what opera is the aria "Der Vogelf?nger bin ich ja ("The birdcatcher am I")? BQ: Which character sings it?

6. Which one is not a hip hop record label: a) G-Unit, b) Def Jam, c) Ice Age, or d) F.U.K.C.?

7. Since 1975, 2nd July has been International 
    a) Whores' Day, b) Day of the Disappeared, c) Museum Day, d) Mother Language Day or e) Migratory Bird Day?

8. Where would you find the Charles Darwin University: 
    a) Edinburgh, b) Darwin, c) Shrewsbury or d) Cambridge?

9. By what name was former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Rocco Francis Marchegiano better known?

10. How many countries border San Marino?


1. Yangtze River

2. "clean and press" (press)

3. Polyvinyl chloride

4. Cerberus

5. The Enchanted Flute (Papageno)

6. d) F.U.K.C

7. a) International Whores' Day

8. b) Darwin

9. Rocky Marciano

10. One - Italy

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