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1. Most insects have 
    a) red blood, b) green blood, c) transparent blood, d) white blood or e) no blood at all?

2. True or False: the elephant has a longer gestation period than the blue whale?

3. How old was James Dean when he died on 30th September 1955? (+/- 3 years)

4. Which of the following celebrities has not had a guest appearance on "Sesame Street": 
    a) Kofi Annan, b) Bill Clinton, c) Buzz Aldrin, or d) Margaret Thatcher?

5. Which affair was documented in the Starr Report in the 1990's: 
    a) "Whitewatergate", b) "Monicagate", c) "Irangate", d) "Watergate" or e) "Nippelgate"?

6. According to Herodotus, how long did it take to build the Great Pyramid of Giza (Pyramid of Khufu)? (+/- 10yrs)

7. When it's not a Scottish city, Aberdeen is 
    a) Hong Kong harbour, b) Australian river, c) mountain peak in Antarctica or d) Canadian province?

8. What is the largest city and capital of Cyprus?

9. In weightlifting, how much do the barbells (on which the eights are mounted) weigh in men's and women's competitions respectively? (+/- 3kg) (1 point per correct answer)

10. What is the term for three consecutive strikes in ten-pin bowling?


1. c) transparent

2. True (elephant approx. 22 months, blue whale approx. 11 months)

3. 24

4. b) Bill Clinton

5. b) "Monicagate"

6. 25 years

7. a) Hong Kong harbour

8. Nicosia

9. men's 20kg, women's 15kg

10. Turkey

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