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1. What substance is the exoskeleton of, e.g., insects and crustaceans made of?

2. American actress Kate Mulgrew became most famous for which TV role?

3. Which war was officially ended by the Treaty of Versailles?

4. In which US city would you find Love Field Airport?

5. How many riders are on each cycling team at the "Tour de France"?

6. In what sport was Claudia Kohde-Kilsch successful in the 1980's?

7. Which two countries does the Brenner Pass link?

8. What was the name of the Romanian secret police from 1944 until 1990?

9. Who played the role of the Deputy Mayor in the TV sitcom "Spin City" in season 5 and 6?

10. When they are growing on a stem, do the tips of bananas point upwards or downwards?

11. Rembrandt was one of the most famous representatives of which art period?

12. Who created the character Harry Lime?

13. Madonna insisted that at every concert venue of her "Confessions" tour she got a brand-new 
    a) toilet seat, b) dressing room, c) dance floor or d) altar?

14. What is the national flower of Iran and Turkey and an unofficial emblem of the Netherlands?

15. How many litres of water does an average elephant's trunk hold? (+/- 2 l)

16. What was the name of the Marshal in "Gunsmoke"? (BQ: which actor played him?)

17. Who was the only one of "Charlie's Angels" to appear in all 5 seasons: 
    a) Jill, b) Kelly, c) Sabrina or d) Kris?

18. In 1995, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum opened in 
    a) New York, b) Cleveland, c) Chicago or d) Boston?

19. What instrument does Clarence "The Big Man" Clemons play?

20. Which was Mario Puzo's most famous book?

QuizMiz Quiz 29 Answers

1. Chitin

2. Captain Katherine Janeway

3. World War One

4. Dallas

5. 9

6. Tennis

7. Austria & Italy

8. Securitate

9. Charlie Sheen

10. upwards

11. Baroque

12. Graham Greene

13. a) toilet seat

14. tulip

15. 10 litres

16. Matt Dillon (James Arness)

17. b) Kelly Garrett (played by Jaclyn Smith).

18. b) Cleveland

19. Saxophone

20. The Godfather

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