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1. Which 5 countries represented Europe in the 2006 Ryder Cup? (1 point per correct answer)

2. For humans, the acoustic threshold of pain is approx. 
    a) 90 dB, b) 130 dB, c) 180 dB or d) 220 dB?

3. True or False: Saint Clare of Assisi is the patron saint of television?

4. 4. 930's bank robber George Nelson was better known by his nickname 
    a) Baby Face, b) Bugsy, c) Pretty Boy or d) Machine Gun?

5. If you suffer from brontophobia what kind of weather do you fear?

6. Complete the Cree Indian proverb "Only when the last tree is cut down, when the last river is poisoned, and the last fish is caught, will we realise that""""""""""""""""""""."

7. Who wrote the opera "Idomeneo, Rè di Creta"?

8. Ozzy Osbourne's proper first name is a) John Michael, b) Anthony Oswald, c) Louis Paul or d) Oscar Timothy?

9. Which French artist found fame with his posters advertising the Follies Bergeres?

10. Carbonic acid consists of which 3 elements? (1 point per correct answer)

11. Which one of these never visited England: 
    a) Julius Caesar, b) Pocahontas, c) John F Kennedy, d) Elvis Presley or e) Mahatma Gandhi?

12. In which country did the Boxer Uprising take place between 1899 and 1901?

13. How old was Mathias Rust, when he landed his Cessna on Moscow's Red Square in May 1987? (+/- 3 years)

14. True or False: the Kingdom of Bahrain is an island nation?

15. Which of the following is the smallest by area 
    a) Central Park in New York, b) Monaco, c) City of London or d) Gibraltar?

16. German athletes Hartwig Gauder, Peter Frenkel and Christoph H?hne all were Olympic Champions - in what sport?

17. What can NOT be used as a pH indicator: 
    a) Methyl orange, b) red cabbage juice, c) verdigris or d) black tea?

18. What is the term for a rotating machine that separates liquids from solids or dispersions of one liquid in another?

19. In the Eurovision Song Contest, how many points does the song/artist with the third highest number of votes get?

20. In what year was British rock band Pink Floyd founded? (+/- 3 years)


1. England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Sweden

2. b) 130 dB

3. True

4. a) Baby Face Nelson

5. thunder and lightning

6. ".we can't eat money

7. wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

8. a) John Michael

9. Henri Toulouse-Lautrec

10. Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen

11. d) Elvis Presley (he only got as far as Prestwick in Scotland)

12. China

13. 19

14. True

15. b) Monaco (1.9 km²) (Central Park 3.4 km², City of London 2.6 km², Gibraltar 6.5 km²)

16. 20km / 50km walk

17. c) verdigris

18. centrifuge

19. 8

20. 1965

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