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Around the World & Back in Time

1. How many exchanges of agents took place on the Berlin "Bridge of Spies" (Glienicker Br?cke) between 1962 and 1986: 
    a) 3, b) 7, c) 15 or d) 24?

2. The Bay of Biscay is part of which ocean?

3. Who was the only German Chancellor to have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

4. Sir Robert Falcon Scott died 
    a) on his way to the South Pole, b) at the South Pole or c) on his way back home?

5. What is the name of the ancient Moorish mosque, palace and fortress in Granada?

6. The archipelago of Franz Josef Land belongs to which country?

7. Australia's capital city is located on the continent's 
    a) west coast, b) east coast, c) south coast or d) not at any coast?

8. In which country is the town of Schengen?

9. Through how many countries does the Amazon river flow?

10. How many theses is Martin Luther said to have posted on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, on 31st October 1517? (+/- 5)


11. In what country was Hertha Berlin central defender Josip "Joe" ? imunić born? (BQ: for which country did he play in the 2006 World Cup?)

12. Fatima Whitbread was world champion in which sport?

13. Which two countries are hosting the first edition of the FIS Tour de Ski from 31 December 2006 till 7 January 2007? (1 point per correct answer)

14. What is the term for a mock attack in boxing or fencing?

15. In which sporting event did Eric Heiden and his sister Beth win exactly half of the total medals won by the USA at the 1980 Winter Olympics?

arts & literature

16. How old is Umberto Eco turning tomorrow? (BQ: Which novel made him famous?)

17. In Grimm's fairytale "The Fisherman and his Wife", what was the name of the wife?

18. In which museum would you find the famous statue "Venus de Milo" (Aphrodite of Melos)?

19. Which artist was famous for creating artworks from butter, sausages and other food stuff?

20. What sort of animal is Scabbers, Ron Weasley's pet in the first three "Harry Potter" books?

Mixed bag O' nuts

21. From which countries are the reigning 2006 Miss World and Miss Universe respectively? (1 point per correct answer)

22. In Greek mythology, which prince unwittingly killed his father and married his mother?

23. On a standard Monopoly board, what square lies diagonally opposite the square "Go"?

24. Which bugle call signals the end of a hunt?

25. What was the name of King Arthur's magic sword?

26. Which Italian specialty take its name from the Latin word for "to salt"?

27. What is the unit of currency of Vatican State?

28. On 13th June 1920, the US Postal Service ruled that what may not anymore be sent via parcel post: 
    a) chicks, b) children, c) raw eggs or d) explosives?

music & Movies

29. Which music magazine published the first music hit parade on 4 January 1936?

30. Who played the gigolo in the 1978 film "Sch?ner Gigolo, armer Gigolo" (aka "Just a Gigolo"): 
    a) Sting, b) David Bowie, c) Richard Gere or d) Horst Buchholz?

31. How many of the Magnificent Seven are still alive at the end of the film?

32. Which two-pronged metal implement is used to tune musical instruments?

33. In which city did House music originate: 
    a) Detroit, b) New York, c) Philadelphia or d) Chicago?

34. Ben Cartwright's second son was best known by the nickname of "Hoss" but his "real" name was 
    a) Eric, b) James, c) Clemence or d) Benjamin Jr.?

35. In which 1997 movie did Jim Carrey play an attorney who couldn't but tell the truth for 24 hours?

36. Bavarian King Louis II. was the patron of which German composer?

37. What is the name of the angry, vicious guard bulldog in the "Tom & Jerry" cartoons?

38. Which American disco/glam-rock/pop band had a hit with the 2004 disco version of "Comfortably Numb"? (BQ: Which band released the original in 1979?)

Botany, anatomy, Zoology & other sciences

39. Guglielmo Marconi, Nikola Tesla, and Heinrich Hertz have all been credited with the invention of what?

40. How much does the average European Red Squirrel weigh? (+/- 50g)

41. The first spacecraft to land on the moon in 1959 was 
    a) Luna 1, b) Ranger 3, c) Luna 2 or d) Eagle?

42. H2SO4 is the chemical symbol for what?

43. The Large Frogmouth (Batrachostomus auritus) is a 
    a) bird, b) fish, c) insect or d) orchid?

44. Which is the most expensive sort of edible fungus?

45. Humans have approx. a) 1,000, b) 10,000, c) 50,000 or d) 100,000 taste buds on their tongue?

46. What does Archimedes exclamation "Eureka!" translate into?


1. a) 3 (10th February 1962, 12th June 1985, 11th February 1986)

2. Atlantic Ocean

3. willy Brandt (1971)

4. c) on his way back home

5. Alhambra

6. Russia

7. d) none at all (Canberra is Australia's largest inland city )

8. Luxembourg

9. 3 (Peru, Colombia, Brazil)

10. 95

11. Australia (Canberra) (Croatia)

12. javelin throw

13. Germany, Italy

14. feint

15. Speed Skating

16. 75 (The Name of the Rose)

17. Ilsebill

18. Louvre

19. Joseph Beuys

20. Rat

21. Miss World - Czech Republic and Miss Universe - Puerto Rico

22. Oedipus

23. Free Parking

24. Halali

25. Excalibur

26. Salami

27. Euro

28. b) children

29. Billboard Magazine

30. b) David Bowie


32. tuning fork

33. d) Chicago

34. a) Eric

35. Liar Liar

36. Richard Wagner

37. Spike (earlier "Butch")

38. Scissor Sisters (Pink Floyd)

39. Radio

40. 300g

41. c) Luna 2

42. sulfuric acid

43. a) bird

44. truffle

45. b) 10,000

46. I have found it!


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