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1. The TV series Navy CIS is a spin-off of which TV show?

2. In which country did Donald Johanson discover the skeleton of a 3.18 million years old female hominid, of the genus Australopithecus, on 24th November 1974?. (BQ: What nickname was she given?)

3. The Republic of Malawi is located in 
    a) south-eastern, b) south-western, c) central or d) north-western Africa?

4. Against which country did the Germany national football team play their first official match in 1908? (BQ: who won?)

5. On 1st December of what year was the world's first assembly line installed at the Ford Motor Company?(+/-10 yrs)

6. What does a selenologist study?

7. There is an ancient invention still used in some parts of the world today that allows people to see through walls. What is it?

8. What would you do with a crinoline: 
    a) dance it, b) wear it, c) cook it or d) put it on the dinner table?

9. How long is a 10-pin bowling alley, from foul line to head pin? (+/- 2m)

10. King John of England (aka John Lackland) was the younger brother of which English king?

11. The Palatine Hill is one of the most ancient parts of which city?

12. What, in culinary terms, is a farce?

13. In which city was the world's first psychiatric hospital, Bethlem Hospital (aka Bedlam), founded in 1247?

14. Who or what is organza?

15. In E numbers (food additives codes), the E stands for 
    a) European Union, b) Edible, c) Exclusive or d) Enzyme?

16. From which song are the words " This is the world we live in, And these are the hands we're given, Use them and lets start trying, To make it a place worth living in""

17. An angstrom is a unit of 
    a) electricity, b) length, c) time or d) energy?

18. In the IOC list of country codes, what country does the abbreviation GRE stand for?

19. What river is known as the "Big Muddy"?

20. In which country was OPEC founded in 1960: 
    a) USA, b) Iraq, c) Venezuela, d) Kuwait or e) Libya?


1. JAG

2. Ethiopia (Lucy)

3. a) south-eastern Africa

4. Switzerland (Switzerland)

5. 1913

6. the moon

7. windows

8. b) wear it

9. 18.29m

10. Richard I (The Lionheart)

11. Rome

12. stuffing

13. London

14. fabric

15. a) European Union

16. Land of Confusion (Genesis)

17. b) length

18. Greece

19. Missouri

20. b) Iraq

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