QuizMiz Quiz 34

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1. Which former Chancellor of West Germany was born Herbert Ernst Karl Frahm?

2. Which religious community was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1947: 
    a) Salvation Army, b) Quaker, c) Mormons or d) Jehovah's Witnesses?

3. What are the 5 events in the modern pentathlon? (1 point per correct answer)

4. True or False: the first French satellite, launched in 1965, was named Asterix?

5. From what country is the rock/pop band The Cardigans?

6. Which Nobel Prize-winning author wrote the "Danzig Trilogy" of novels and novellas?

7. On 5 October 1962, the Beatles released their first single in the UK, "Love Me Do". What was the title of the B-Side?

8. Harold Pinter is a/n a) American painter, b) English playwright, c) Canadian architect or d) Austrian designer?

9. What sort of animal is a brumby?

10. How many Summer and Winter Olympics (in total) have the USA hosted?

11. What was the first name of composer Mendelssohn-Bartholdy?

12. Which director made Marlene Dietrich a Hollywood star?

13. Who is the father of American actor Emilio Est?vez?

14. Arsenic is a 
    a) metal, b) semimetal or c) non-metal?

15. James Spader, William Shatner and Candice Bergen all play founding & senior partners of law firm Crane, Poole & Schmidt on which TV show?

16. Are Gorillas 
    a) herbivores, b) omnivores or c) carnivores?

17. What was Dutch painter Rembrandt's family name?

18. What nationality was conductor Herbert von Karajan?

19. What was the name of the portable cipher machine used - most famously - by Nazi Germany before / during WWII?

20. The winner of which sporting event receives the "Venus Rosewater Dish"?


1. Willy Brandt

2. b) Quaker

3. ?p?e fencing, pistol shooting, 200 m freestyle swimming, show jumping, cross-country run

4. True

5. Sweden

6. (Harmenszoon) van Rijn

7. "P.S. I Love You"

8. b) English playwright

9. Australian mustang / wild horse

10. 8

11. Felix

12. Joseph von Sternberg

13. Martin Sheen

14. b) semimetal

15. Boston Legal

16. a) herbivores

17. G?nter Grass

18. Austrian

19. Enigma

20. Wimbledon - Women's Single

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