Scientific Measures Quiz 1

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1. What does a potometer measure?

2. What fuel does a Bunsen burner use?

3. What does a micrometer gauge measure?

4. What kind of electron microscope would be used for examining a surface?

5. Which instrument allowed Galileo to make his discovery that the Moon has mountains and craters?

6. Which instrument is used for measuring atmospheric pressure?

7. How are the beams of an electron microscope focused?

8. What technique is often used for identifying substances or for checking their purity?

9. What information does the technique of carbon dating aim to provide?

10. Which instrument is used to detect radioactivity?


1. Transpiration rate in a plant

2. Gas

3. Small Lengths

4. Scanning Electron Microscope

5. Telescope

6. Barometer

7. With Electromagnetic Coils

8. Spectroscopy

9. The age of a rock, fossil or other sample

10. Geiger Counter


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