Living World Quiz 1

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1. What sort of creature is a fluke?

2. Where is a birds patella?

3. What is a puffball?

4. How many pairs of ribs does a human have?

5. A BCG is a vaccination against which disease?

6. The pilchard is a member of which fish family?

7. Which part of the body does scabies effect?

8. What colour are the spots on a plaice?

9. Which branch of medicine is concerned with disorders of the blood?

10. What sort of creature is an abalone?

11. What is the female equivalent of a ram and a stag?

12. Which crustacean can change sex?

13. I live in Australia. I am a relation of the koala bear and I have no tail. What am I?

14. What is the collective noun for a group of moles?

15. What animal lives in form?

16. Where off the coast of Ecuador would you find the worlds largest tortoise?

17. What animal's name is Dutch for earth pig?

18. A crash is the collective noun for which animal?

19. Orang-utans are native to which continent?

20. What is a one-humped camel called?


1. Worm

2. Knee

3. Fungus

4. 12

5. Tuberculosis

6. Herring

7. Skin

8. Orange

9. Haematology

10. Marine Snail

11. Ewe and hind

12. The oyster

13. A wombat

14. Labour

15. Hare

16. Galapagos islands

17. Aardvark

18. Rhinoceros

19. Asia

20. Dromedary


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