Living World Quiz 2

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1. What sort of creature is a fluke?

2. What sort of bird is a merlin?

3. What part of the body might suffer from labyrinthitis?

4. What colour are the spots on a plaice?

5. What is a Puffball?

6. How many pairs of ribs do humans have?

7. What is the popular name for mouth to mouth recussitation?

8. A BCG is a vaccination against which disease?

9. Which tendon pins the calf muscle to the heel bone?

10. What colour head does a male mallard usually have?

11. What class of creatures makes up more than two-thirds of known species?

12. What colour is angelica?

13. Which part of the anatomy shares its name with a punctuation mark?

14. What is the name of the famous meat market in London?

15. The Chihuahua dog gets its name from a town in which country?

16. Where is Britain?s oldest Cathedral?

17. What type of dogs do Eskimos commonly keep?

18. How many bones are there in the human body?

19. What gender is a worker honeybee?

20. What is the otter?s home called?


1. Worm

2. Falcon

3. Ear

4. Orange

5. Fungus

6. 14

7. The kiss of life

8. Tuberculosis

9. Achilles Tendon

10. Green

11. Insects

12. Green

13. Colon

14. Smithfield

15. Mexico

16. Canterbury

17. Huskies

18. 206

19. Female

20. Holt


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