Scientists Quiz 1

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1. Who Discovered Radio Waves?

2. Which 16th Century Scientist Proposed That The Earth Orbited The Sun?

3. Who Is Best Known For His Theory Of Black Holes?

4. What Does Hans Geigers Geiger Counter Measure?

5. Which Tracking Device Did Sir Robert Watson Watt Develop?

6. Which Virus Was Robert Gallo The First To Identify?

7. What Type Of Bomb Did Edward Teller Develop?

8. In Terms Of Nobel Prizes How Did Marie Curie Achieve Two Firsts?

9. Which Islands Inspired Charles Darwin To Write His Origin Of The Species?

10. Which German Born Rocket Engineer Helped Develop The Atomic Bomb In The Usa?


1. Hertz

2. Copernicus

3. Steven Hawking

4. Radioactivity

5. Radar

6. Hiv

7. Hydrogen Bomb

8. First Woman, Ist Person To Receive Two Awards

9. Galapagos

10. Werner Von Braun


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