Trees Quiz 1

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1. Aspen is from which family of trees?

2. In which continent did the monkey-puzzle tree originate?

3. In which country did the bonsai technique develop?

4. In which county is England's largest forest?

5. Is the wood of a coniferous tree hard or soft?

6. The teak is native to which continent?

7. Which garden tree with yellow flowers has poisonous seeds?

8. Which three coniferous trees are native to Britain?

9. Which tree do we get turpentine from?

10. Which tree's leaves are the symbol of The National Trust?  


1. Poplar.

2. South America.

3. Japan.

4. Northumberland.

5. Soft.

6. Asia.

7. Laburnum.

8. Yew, Scots Pine, Juniper.

9. Pine.

10. Oak.


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