Technology and Industry Quiz 1

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1. Which country is the world?s largest exporter of grain?

2. In computing, what does the V stand for in DTV?

3. Nylon took it?s name from which two cities?

4. What does a pluviometer measure?

5. Which letter is farthest left on a computer keyboard?

6. Entrepreneur Ted Turner is a big name in which industry?

7. Which boom is produced by breaking the sound barrier?

8. What is the lowest number on the Beaufort Scale?

9. The Manhattan Project in the early 1940s was developing what?

10. Which country is the home of the Nokia mobile phone company?  


1. USA

2. Video

3. New York & London

4. Rainfall

5. Q

6. Broadcasting

7. Sonic Boom

8. 0

9. The Atomic Bomb

10. Finland


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