Science and Nature Quiz 4

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1. What is the gestation period of an elephant?

2. What did Samuel Morse invent?

3. Who invented the thermometer?

4. Who invented the lightening conductor & bifocal glasses?

5. Who took the first step on the moon?

6. What busy animals live in apiaries?

7. On a fish, what can be anal, pectoral or pelvic?

8. Approxoimate pi as a fraction

9. What is the common name for ascorbic acid?

10. What do vertebrates have that invertebrates do not?  

11. ?Love Apple? is an old name for which fruit?

12. In the world of metals, what does the abbreviation EPNS stand for?

13. Spider, hermit, and masked are all varieties of which creature?

14. From what raw material is aluminium obtained?

15. What food flavouring is obtained from the crocus plant?

16. Which acid is also known as Aqua Fortis?

17. Which mathematical term means ?without end or limits??

18. What animal is known to Australians as the ?jumbuck??

19. What nationality was Galileo?

20. If you were a hippologist, what animals would be your speciality?


1. 22 months

2. Morse code

3. Galileo

4. Benjamin Franklin

5. Neil Armstrong

6. Honey bees

7. Fins

8. 22/7

9. Vitamin C

10. A spine

11. Tomato

12. Electro-Plated Nickel Silver

13. Crabs

14. Bauxite

15. Saffron

16. Nitric Acid

17. Infinity

18. The Sheep

19. Italian

20. Horses


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