Trees Cryptic Quiz 1

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The following cryptic quiz round was kindly submitted by Alan Macdonald from the UK. Thanks again Alan, great job.

The following are cryptic clues to names of trees

1. Not the youngest tree around

2. Someone crazy about bricks and mortar?

3. A description of Shylock as a young boy?

4. There's always two of these trees by the sound of it

5. Not so much a tree - sounds like an island

6. Would you find this tree close to the ocean

7. Give Margaret a "Glasgow kiss"

8. There's nothing fancy about this tree

9. If you're up one of these, you're in lumber!

10. Morecambe, San Francisco and Bengal have this tree in common


1. Elder

2. Walnut

3. Juniper

4. Pear

5. Cypress

6. Beech

7. Nutmeg

8. Plane

9. Gum tree

10. Bay


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