Birds Quiz 3

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1. The bummalo fish, salted and dried, is eaten as a relish called what?

2. What do we call Rossini?s opera La Gazza Ladra?

3. Which architect rebuilt 51 London churches after the great fire?

4. Which is the narrowest part of the English Channel?

5. What is the nickname of Sheffield Wednesday AFC?

6. What was Manfred Mann?s no 1 hit of April 1966?

7. Which islands in the Atlantic ocean were named after dogs?

8. Who was the famous wizard who assisted Arthur in the Arthurian legends?

9. What word describes completing a hole in golf three strokes below par?

10. In a famous song, who was the deadly rival of Ivan Skavinsky Skavar?

11. What was the title of Arthur Ransome?s famous Children?s book published in 1931?

12. Which fruits alternative name is the Chinese Gooseberry?

13. Who replaced Lord Richard as leader of the house of lords from 1998 a position they held until June 2001?

14. After completing a topless modelling assignment in Antartica, how did Samantha fox describe a part of her anatomy?   


1. Bombay Duck

2. The Thieving Magpie.

3. Christopher Wren.

4. Straits Of Dover.

5. Owls.

6. Pretty Flamingo.

7. Canary Islands.

8. Merlin.

9. Albatross.

10. Abdul Abulbul Amir

11. Swallows And Amazons

12. Kiwi Fruit

13. Baroness Jay

14. Blue Tits


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