Science and Nature Quiz 5

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1. What is the name given to young geese?

2. What part of a flower produces pollen?

3. What sort of animal is a lurcher?

4. Which fingernail grows most quickly?

5. By what name is Sodium Chloride more commonly known?

6. What did Alfred Noble invent?

7. On the US Apollo Space programme, were there 16, 17 or 18 flights?

8. What acid is commonly found in car batteries?

9. What is the SI unit of Power?

10. What is the only precious jewel produced by the sea?

11. What shape is the delta of a river?

12. Which chemical Element has the highest melting point?

13. What colour does copper give to a firework?

14. At which point do the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales read the same value?

15. In which units are supersonic speeds measured?

16. An amalgam consists of silver mixed with which other metal?

17. If you were suffering from Varicella what sort of disease would you have?

18. How many lines are there on a British TV picture?

19. Who invented photographic roll film?

20. A Beluga is what type of fish?  


1. Goslings

2. The Stamen

3. A Dog

4. The Middle one

5. Table salt

6. Dynamite

7. 17

8. Sulphuric Acid

9. Watt

10. Pearl

11. Triangular

12. Carbon

13. Green

14. Minus 40

15. Machs

16. Mercury

17. Chickenpox

18. 625

19. (George) Eastman

20. Sturgeon


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