Animals Quiz 7

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1. What is the collective name for a group of frogs?

2. What is the fastest animal on two legs?

3. What does a kangaroo; an anteater and a seahorse have in common?

4. What is the national bird of New Zealand?

5. In the TV show, what kind of animal was ?Gentle Ben??

6. The body of the Egyptian Sphinx was based on which animal?

7. What is a female donkey called?

8. What is the distinguishing feature of a Manx cat?

9. What colour are the spots on a common ladybird?

10. What is the most intelligent subhuman primate?  

11. What type of creature is a mandrill?

12. What is a young penguin called?

13. Which country has the most Asian elephants in their natural habitat?

14. Which has the most teeth? Reptiles, fish, or mammals?

15. What can be minke, grey, or bowhead?

16. Which is the fastest? Hare, horse, greyhound?

17. Is the Tasmanian Devil a marsupial?

18. Which of the senses is the weakest in almost all primates?

19. Which extinct flightless bird has the Latin name Didus Ineptus?

20. Which fish are members of the class Asteroidea?


1. Army

2. Ostrich

3. Pouch To Carry Their Young

4. Kiwi

5. Bear

6. Lion

7. Jenny

8. It Has No Tail

9. Black

10. Chimpanzee

11. Monkey

12. Chick

13. India

14. Reptiles

15. Whale

16. Hare

17. Yes

18. Smell

19. Dodo

20. Starfish


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