Technology and Industry Quiz 2

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1. Where did Edwin Drake drill the first production oil well in 1819?

2. What valuable resource was discovered in South Africa?s Orange Free State in 1867?

3. Who was known as the father of the factory system because of his invention of a spinning machine?

4. What did Jethro Tull invent in the early 1700?s making better harvesting possible?

5. The world?s first Iron bridge was erected in which English county in 1779?

6. What name was given to the factory hands whose objective was to destroy the new factory machinery?

7. Who patented the first successful revolver in 1835?

8. Which poet wrote of the ?Dark Satanic Mills? of the industrial revolution?

9. The Suez canal was opened in 1869, which seas did it link?

10. Who was the world?s first oil Billionaire?  


1. Titusville, Pennsylvania

2. Diamonds

3. Richard Arkwright

4. Seed Drill

5. Shropshire

6. Luddites

7. Samuel Colt

8. William Blake

9. Red Sea and Mediterranean

10. John D Rockerfeller


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