Science and Nature Quiz 10

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1. Which is the commonest bird in Britain?

2. What is the study of birds eggs called?

3. What colour are the spot on a Plaice?

4. How many arms does a squid have?

5. Which wood is used for piano keys?

6. Which tree do we get turpentine from?

7. What colour is the rose silver jubilee?

8. Which two flowers would you find in an orchestra?

9. Which wild flower is also known as knapweed?

10. What is the world's largest fish?

11. Which boy?s name is also the name of the derived SI unit for inductance?

12. Copper is named after which island in the Mediterranean?

13. Which gas makes up over 90% of natural gas?

14. Which element has the lowest atomic number?

15. What name is given to the study and use of frequencies beyond the limits of human hearing?

16. In computer terminology, what does the acronym RAM stand for?

17. What is the chemical symbol for gold?

18. What name is given to the lowest layer of the atmosphere?

19. Which planet in the solar system is though to weigh two and half times that of all the other planets combined?

20. What type of machine was ENIAC built in 1946?  


1. Wren

2. Oology

3. Red /Orange

4. 10

5. Ebony

6. Pine

7. Pink

8. Viola, Bugle

9. Cornflower

10. Whale Shark

11. Henry

12. Cyprus

13. Methane

14. Hydrogen

15. Ultrasonics

16. Random Access Memory

17. Au

18. Troposphere

19. Jupiter

20. Computer


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