Planet Earth Quiz 3

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1. What is the other name for the Northern Lights?

2. When you cross the Date Line from Westerly direction do you gain or lose day?

3. What are the Grassland of Northern America Called?

4. Which is the world?s largest Ocean?

5. What is the Earth?s Outer Layer called?

6. Corals grow in Warm Tropical Waters. What are corals made from?

7. The Earth is surrounded by a blanket of air. What is it called?

8. Bamboo Forests grown in the South Western Mountains of China, but Bamboo is not a Tree. What is it?

9. What is the only Grass that can actually grown in water?

10. How long does it take for the Earth to Revolve once on its Axis?  


1. Aurora Borealis

2. Lose a Day

3. Prairie

4. Pacific

5. Crust

6. Skeletons of Tiny Creatures

7. The Atmosphere

8. A Type of Grass

9. Rice

10. 24 hours


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