Cats and Dogs Quiz 4

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1. In which continent to Jaguars live?

2. In astrology which two months are in the star sign leo?

3. Who wrote the musical cats?

4. Which cartoon cat was the first to make the crossing from screen to cartoon strip?

5. Who was the female star of the film cat Ballou in 1965?

6. Which animal can run at 70mph?

7. What is a fox?s den called?

8. Which variety of dog originating in the us cannot be imported, bred or sold in the uk from laws passed in 1989 and 1991?

9. Which is the smallest breed of dog?

10. What kind of dog was Pluto?


1. South America

2. July and August

3. Andrew Lloyd Webber

4. Felix

5. Jane Fonda

6. Cheetah

7. Earth

8. Pit bull terrier

9. Chiawawah

10. Blood hound


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