Strictly for the Birds Cryptic Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was submitted by Alan Macdonald from the UK.  Many thanks Alan, great job!

Cryptic clues to names off birds:

1. This legendary character was an absolute wizard

2. This bird sounds anything but slow

3. What you might pay Mr Gillette for one of his products

4. From the sound of it, took a chunk out of the one with the short fat hairy legs

5. Strugglin' to get enough air perhaps

6. A well-known crossing

7. Sounds like you've got a male bird trained to follow you close behind

8. An invoice for cutlery

9. Sounds like a Scot is declaring ownership of the middle part of a Cox's Pippin

10. Something you really don't want to win


1. Merlin

2. Swift

3. Razorbill

4. Bittern

5. Puffin

6. Pelican

7. Cockatiel

8. Spoonbill

9. Macaw

10. Booby


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