Pauls Science and Nature Quiz 2

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1. Which endangered whale, also the source of ambergris, has the largest brain in the animal kingdom?

2. Blue Lacy, Chinook, Akita Inu, Dunker, Tosa, Barbet, Saluki and Utonagan are all examples of what?

3. Brown, Spiny, Norway and Black are all examples of which kind of animal?

4. What is the other name for a sea cow?

5. Although it isn't edible, which tasty sounding term has been given to uranium concentrate powder?

6. Asian Tiger, Anopheles, Culex and Yellow Fever are all example of what?

7. The name for which part (or parts) of the human body means 'little mouse' when translated?

8. Which animal has the largest beak?

9. Which culinary word is used for a rooster that has been castrated before it reaches sexual maturity? (5 letters)

10. The name of which type of bird can be a definition for the Greek root 'tachy'?

11. T cells, or T lymphocytes, mature in which human organ?

12. H5N1 is better known as what?

13. Hydra, Charon, Nix and P4 are the four known moons that orbit which planet?


1. Sperm whale

2. Dog breeds

3. Species of rat

4. Manatee

5. Yellowcake

6. Mosquito

7. Muscle (from the Latin 'musculus')

8. Giant squid

9. Capon

10. Swift

11. Thymus

12. The Bird Flu or Avian Influenza

13. Pluto

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