Pauls Football Quiz 2

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1. Name the five English teams that have won back to back league titles in the post war era. (Top flight: Premier League or the old division one)

2. Which English premier league team was once known as "The Biscuit Men" ?

3. Complete the names of the following football brothers. 
    a: Ronald and Frank .... 
    b: Dieter and Uli ... 
    c: Wili and Rene .... 
    d: Nico and Robert ....

4. In a 1983 hit song from Alan and Denise, which superstar had "sexy knees" ?

5. Who is the only player in English top flight football to have scored (on average) more than a goal a game in one season ?

6. Which football players had the following nicknames ? 
    a: The ax 
    b: Der Bomber 
    c: Cowboy 
    d: Il Divin Codino (The divine pony tail) 
    e: Il Gigante Buona (The gentle giant) 
    f: Giraffe

7. What was the name of Kevin Keegan's top ten hit song in Germany?

8. Field Marshall B. L. Montgomery was the honoury chairman of which football club ?

9. Which ex premier league club once suffered (or still does) from the gypsy curse ?

10. Shilton excluded, name the five players Maradona slipped around while scoring his wonder goal on June 22 1986. One point for every correct answer.


1. Five teams from the following details:
    Portsmouth FC 49-50, 
    Man U. 56-57,
    Wolves 58-59, 
    Liverpool 76-77, 
    Liverpool 79-80, 
    Liverpool 82-83-84, 
    Man U. 93-94, 
    Man U. 96-97, 
    Man U. 99-2000-2001, 
    Chelsea 2005-2006

2. Reading

3. Four Answers:
    a: de Boer 
    b: Hoeness 
    c: de Kerkhoff 
    d: Kovac

Dixie Dean4. Karl Heinz "Rummenigge Rummenigge" ( "talkin bout a man with sexy knees... first he traps the ball and then? Karl Heinz Rummenigge puts it in... Rummenigge Rummenigge, all night long")

5. Dixie Dean - 60 goals in 39 games. 1927-1928

6. Six Answers: 
    a: Vinnie Jones
    b: Gerd M?ller
    c: Jim Leighton
    d: Roberto Baggio 
    e: John Charles 
    f: Jack Charlton

7. "Head over heels in love"

8. Portsmouth FC

9. Derby County. The Baseball Ground was built upon a gypsy camping ground.

10.  Five Answers:
    Peter Reid, 
    Peter Beardsley, 
    Terry Butcher, 
    Terry Fenwick and 
    Gary Stevens.


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