Pauls Olympic Games Quiz 1

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1. Which one of the following was never a modern olympic discipline? 
    a. tumbling   
    b. running deer shooting   
    c. horseshoes (throwing)   
    d. club swinging   
    e. tug of war   
    f. under water swimming   
    g. 200m obstacle swimming

2. Gold, silver and bronze. What do participants who achieve 4th to 8th place receive?

3. Which was the only country to host the summer olympics and not win a single gold medal?

4. In which discipline did the father of the modern olympics, Pierre de Coubertin, win an olympic gold medal?

5. Winners of which olympic games never had to pay any tax again for the rest of their lives?

6. Plus or minus five, how many pigeons did Leon de Lunden manage to kill while winning gold in the living pigeon shooting event at the Paris games in 1900?

7. Edward Eagan is the only person in modern olympic history to    
    a. win gold in both a summer and winter olympiad   
    b. win a medal in five consecutive olympic games   or 
    c. be disqualified in two different olympic games, once for doping, once for accepting a bribe

8. What is the only city in the world named after an olympic gold medalist?  
    a. Mark Spitz Town   
    b. Cassius Clay Town   
    c. Edward Edwards Town   
    d. Jim Thorpe Town

9. After losing a wrestling bout against the German Jakob Brendel at the 1932 games in L.A., the Sizilian Marcello Nizzola went to the dressing room and    
    a. attacked his opponent with a dagger   
    b. committed suicide   
    c. continued the fight

10. Shepherd's Bush Stadium London. 1908 summer olympics. Marathon runner Dorando Pietri enters the stadium exhausted to the roar of the crowd and proceeds to run in the wrong direction. After realising his error, he alters direction and heads towards the finish line. He is however on his last legs and his competitors are closing the gap. Just short of the longed for end to this gruelling race he collapses and starts to crawl on his hands and knees. At this moment a famous British writer helps him to his feet and over the line, where he passes out, only to awake hours later and discover he has been disqualified. Who was the famous writer?


1. c. horseshoes

2. A diploma

3. Canada

4. Literature, for his song 'Ode to sport'

5. The ancient games in Greece

6. 21

7. a. win gold in both a summer and winter olympiad (boxing and 4 man bob)

8. d. Jim Thorpe Town (in Penn. USA)

9. a. attacked his opponent with a dagger

10. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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