Pauls Olympic Games Quiz 2

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1. At which olympic games in the USA were there special events for 'ethnic minorities' ?

2. The playing of which instrument was once an olympic discipline in ancient Greece ?

3. What are the five ring colours on the olympic flag ?

4. What was unusual about two time olympic marathon winner Abebe Bikila's running style at the 1960 games ?

5. How were false starters punished in ancient Greece ?  
    a. whipped  
    b. stoned  
    c. exciled

6. In which discipline did each of the following superstars excell ?  
    a. Wassil Aleksejew  
    b. Bruce Jenner  
    c. Edwin Moses  
    d. Larissa Latynina  
    e. Xavier Sotomayer

7. The stadium in Athens for the 1896 games was built from which material ?

8. Which Finnish star won nine gold medals before he was unfairly barred from the 1932 games in L.A. ?

9. What do Ben Johnson and Waterford Crystal both have in common ?

10. Which two sports that start with the letter C are no longer olympic ?


1. St. Louis 1904

2. Trumpet

3. Blue,  yellow,  black,  green and red

4. barefoot

5. a. whipped

6. Five Answers
    a. weightlifting  
    b. decathalon  
    c. hurdles  
    d. gymnastics  
    e. high jumping

7. marble

8. Paavo Nurmi

9. both were disqualified for doping. (Waterford Crystal was an Irish horse at the 2004 games in Athens)

10. Cricket and Croquet

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