Pauls Olympic Games Quiz 3

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1. The Basque country won a gold medal playing its national sport at the 1900 games in Paris. It must be noted however that they did not have to play any matches as no other country took part in the competion. What is the Basque country's national game ?

2. Since 1968, which two countries have had the most athletes tested positive for doping? (It's the usual suspects)

3. Which four cities have twice hosted the summer olympics?

4. Which Summer Olympic Games were boycotted by the majority of African countries?

5. Papa doc Duvallier had threatened to execute any athletes from his country that did not cross the finish line at the 1976 games in Montreal. Duvallier was the dictator of which country?

6. The following are all members of a bronze medal winning team at the 1904 games in St. Louis. Which sport might it be ?  Spotted Tail, Lightfoot, Red Jacket, Rain in Face, Man Afraid Soap, Blackhawk, Black Eagle, Almighty Voice, Flat Iron, Halfmoon and Snake Eater. clue, it's no longer olympic

7. A touring Australian team won gold at the 1908 games in London with the battle cry 'cripple every opponent'. What sport might that have been? Clue, it too is no longer olympic

8. The Swede Oscar Swahn is the oldest medal winner at the olympic games. Plus or minus four years, how old was he?

9. The modern olympic marathon is full of unbelievable stories. Which one of the following is not true ?   
    a. Velokas, the very first man disqualified in the olympics was a Greek marathon runner,  He was caught taking a taxi.    
    b. Yamasini and Lentauw, two Zulu tribesmen,  came in 9th and 12th in the 1904 games in St. Louis. They might have done much better if they hadnt had to hide in a corn field after being chased by stray dogs.   
    c. The first winner of the marathon in 1896, the Greek national hero Spirodon Louis, stopped at a taverna along the way and ate fried chicken washed down with generous amounts of wine.

10. The man who has won the most gold medals, namely ten, suffered from polio as a child !!   What was his name ?  (This question was written before 11th Aug 08, so M. Phelps is excluded)


1. pelota

2. Bulgaria 8x, Hungary 6x

3. Four Answers:
    Athens 1896 2004, 
    Paris 1900 1924, 
    London 1908 1948 , 
    L.A. 1932 1984

4. Montreal 1976

5. Haiti

6. Lacrosse

7. Rugby

8. 72

9. a. Velokas    Fact is Velokas was disqualified for riding in the back of a donkey cart. Taxis didnt exist then.

10. Ray Ewry


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