Olympic Games Quiz 3

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The following quiz was kindly donated by Mandy Evans from Swansea in the UK. Many thanks Mandy.

1. London hosts/hosted the 2012 Olympic Games. In which previous years have London hosted the games?

2. In the 1994 Winter Olympics, how many athletes represented Israel?

3. What connects the following athletes: runners Zola Budd and Bernard Lagat and basketball player Becky Hammon?

4. How old was Linford Christie when he won gold for the 100m in Barcelona (a record age)?

5. Which Olympic sport is played with stones and brooms?

6. Which racket sport made its Olympic debut in 1992?

7. What colours make up the Olympic rings?

8. Which Summer Olympic Games was the first to be televised live?

9. Considering that India has a population exeeding one billion people, how many gold medals did India win at the Beijing games of 2008?

10. How many national Olympic committees exist (Plus or minus five)?

11. The first disabled athlete to compete in the Olympic Games was American George Eyser in 1904, he had one artificial leg. In which event did he compete?

12. Which track athlete won the gold medal in both the 200 and 400 metres in gold shoes at the 1996 Olympics?


1. 1948 and 1908

2. One

3. They each changed their citizenship in order to compete at the Olympics

4. 32 years old

5. Curling

6. Badminton

7. Blue, Black, Red, Yellow and Green

8. 1936 (XI Olympiad) Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany

9. One, Abhinav Bindra for shooting (They won 3 medals, 1 gold and 2 bronze, their best ever performance at the games)

10. 204

11. Gymnastics

12. Michael Johnson

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