UEFA European Football Championships Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was very kindly sent to us by Kevin Wilson (that one?) from West Drayton in the UK. Thanks Kevin, a great addition to our website.

1. Which three sides have won the UEFA European Championship on home soil?

2. The great Danes of Euro '92 were not initially set to play in the competition. Which team did Denmark replace shortly before the competition.

3. Which two teams lost out in the Semi-final stages at the 1996 tournament?

4. Which French former footballer, referee and administrator lends his name to the trophy?

5. The UEFA European Football Championship has taken place every four years since which year?
For one bonus point, where was that first competition held?

6. Poland and the Ukraine's joint bid to host the competition in 2012 was favoured by UEFA. Name one of the other two finalist bids that lost out to Poland and the Ukraine.

7. For the 2020 tournament three bids have been proposed; Turkey is one, a joint bid between Georgia and Azerbaijan is another and which other group of nations?

8. At Euro 2008, which Spaniard was voted UEFA Player of the Tournament?

9. Who is the top goalscorer at the Euros to date (data valid as of 2012)?

10. The 2008 Championships, in Austria and Switzerland was the second time that two nations played host. In which year and which two countries did that happen for the first time?

11. How many goals has Alan Shearer scored in European Championship tournaments in total?

12. Until 1980, how many teams qualified for the final tournament? For one bonus point, from 2016, how many nations will qualify for the final tournament?

13. What nationality was the coach of Greece when they won Euro 2004?

14. Which company supplied the Euro 2012 matchball?

15. Who was the top scorer in Euro 2008?

16. Which team knocked England out of Euro 2004 at the quarter-final stages?


1. Spain (1964), Italy (1968) and France (1984)

2. Yugoslavia, and I won't go into the politics

3. England and France

4. Henri Delaunay

5. 1960 in France

6. Italy or a joint bid from Croatia and Hungary

7. Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Wales

8. Xavi Hernandez

9. Michel Platini

10. Belgium and the Netherlands in 2000

11. Seven

12. Four, until that was changed to eight in 1980. From 2016, twenty-four teams will qualify

13. German

14. Adidas

15. Spain's David Villa, scoring four

16. Portugal

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