Olympic Games Quiz 2

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1. Name the 2 cities in the Southern Hemisphere that have hosted the Olympics?

2. In 1984 which American equalled Jesse Owens' four gold medals?

3. The invasion of which country caused a boycott of the Moscow Olympics in 1980?

4. Who won the 1964 Marathon bare foot??

5. What do equestrian medallists Virginia Holgate and Virginia Leng have in common?

6. Where were the 1964 Olympics held?

7. Which boxer won gold for Canada in Seoul in 1988?

8. Who won Britain's first men's swimming gold for 68 years in 1976?

9. Who won gold in the Women's Singles in tennis in 1988?

10. Whose long-jump record in the 1968 Olympics lasted for 24 years?  

11. Great Britain won only one Gold medal at the Atlanta Games in 1996. In which sport was this?

12. Which country always leads the parade of participants at the Olympic Games?

13. However, contrary to the previous question, St Lucia has been the first nation to lead the parade of participants once. In which year was this?


1. Sydney & Melbourne

2. Carl Lewis

3. Afghanistan

4. Abebe Bikila

5. Same person

6. Tokyo

7. Lennox Lewis

8. David Wilkie

9. Steffi Graf

10. Bob Beamon's

11. Rowing

12. Greece

13. 2004 (Athens, St Lucia comes first in the Greek alphabet)

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