Famous Sporting Firsts Quiz 1

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Sports Quiz1. What was Geraldine Rees the first to do in 1982?

2. Who was Britain's first million pound footballer?

3. Who is the only Olympian to have won gold medals in four different summer Olympic Games?

4. Brad Friedel of the USA was the first goalkeeper in the 2002 world cup to do what?

5. Who, in 1980, was the first overseas player to win the World Snooker Championship?

6. Where, in 1896, did the first Modern Olympic Games take place?

7. Which country were the first ever winners of football's World Cup?

8. Which famous race between two teams, was first staged in 1829?

9. How old was Lester Piggott when he won his first Epsom Derby on Never Say Die?

10. What was the first city in the Southern Hemisphere to host the Olympic Games?


1. First woman to complete a Grand National

2. Trevor Francis

3. Steve Redgrave

4. Save a penalty

5. Cliff Thorburn

6. Athens

7. Uruguay

8. University Boat Race

9. 18

10. Melbourne


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