Sport Quiz 6

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1. How many players are there in a Hockey team?

2. Which athlete won the gold medal for the 100 metres at the 1924 Olympic Games?

3. What downhill skiing event has the second longest course?

4. For which country does Sachin Tendulkar play cricket?

5. Which British father & son both held world land speed records?

6. What nationality is Michael Chang?

7. Which American football team is called the Chiefs?

8. What term can mean a swift clever reply especially in fencing?

9. Which Australian city was the first cricket test match played?

10. What type of race is Doggett?s coat and badge?

11. What year were Arsenal first promoted into the top division in England?

12. Which game was invented by Dr James Naismith in 1891?

13. Which Arthur Conan Doyle character had a horse named after him and subsequently a horse race?

14. Where is the Ailsa golf course?

15. Who has managed WBA, Man Utd, Atletico Madrid, Sheffield Wed, Villa and Coventry?

16. What name is given to the white ring on an archery target?

17. Who was the first unseeded man to win the Wimbledon Singles title?

18. Which golf course is the home of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club?

19. Which footballer scored in the 1958 World Cup Final when only 17 years old?

20. How many pawns are there in a game of chess?  


1. 11

2. Harold Abrahams

3. Super giant slalom

4. India

5. Malcolm & Donald Campbell

6. American

7. Kansas City

8. Riposte

9. Melbourne

10. Rowing

11. 1919

12. Basketball

13. Brigadier Gerard

14. Turnberry

15. Ron Atkinson

16. Outer

17. Boris Becker

18. St. Andrews

19. Pele

20. 16


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