Sport Quiz 5

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1. Which German Tennis Player Won the Wimbledon Men's Singles Title in 1991?

2. Nigel Mansell Won the World Drivers' Championship for Which Formula 1 Team?

3. Which Team Has Played in 4 FA Cup Finals, and Lost All of Them?

4. Ice Dance Champions Torvill and Dean Are Most Associated With Which Piece of Music?

5. Who Was the Longest Serving England Cricket Captain?

6. The Peterborough Pirates Play Which Sport?

7. Which Player Traditionally Throws the Ball in At A Rugby Union Line Out?

8. Is the Oaks A Race for Colts or Fillies?

9. In which month does the grouse-shooting season start in Britain?

10. What type of racing has only two cars competing on the track at the same time?

11. In which sport do players tap and guard their balls?

12. Which famous shop owner bought Fulham football club in 1997?

13. In which sport is it forbidden for anyone to play left handed?

14. Which football team are known as the Saints?

15. Who bit a chunk out of Evander Holyfield?s ear in 1997?

16. In which year was the Grand National declared void?

17. Which famous annual race first took place in 1829?

18. Who missed the penalty that knocked England out of Euro ?96?

19. Which sport is played at a ?Basho??

20. In which sport might you engage in barrel jumping?


1. Michael Stich

2. Williams

3. Leicester City

4. Ravel's Bolero

5. Michael Atherton

6. Ice Hockey

7. Hooker

8. Fillies

9. August

10. Drag racing

11. Bowls

12. Mohammed Al Fayed

13. Polo

14. Southampton

15. Mike Tyson

16. 1993

17. The University Boat Race

18. Gareth Southgate

19. Sumo Wrestling

20. Ice Skating


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