Sport Quiz 4

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1. Toxophily is a popular sport, by what name is it more commonly known?

2. Eddie the Eagle became famous at the Winter Olympics of 1988, where were these held?

3. In which sport would you use the terms ?christies?, ?traversing? and ?edging??

4. Two busking opera singers, Rebecca Knight and Karen England, were plucked from relative obscurity to perform at which prestigious sporting venue on May 13 this year?

5. In falconry what word is used to describe the falcons dive on its prey?

6. Name 2 of the types of sword used in fencing?

7. In which sport may you come across the terms ?Single axle? and ?Butterfly??

8. For what is Gertrude Ederle best remembered for doing?

9. Where were the 1988 Summer Olympics held?

10. Name the athlete who won 4 gold medals in the 1936 Berlin Olympics?  

11. Which UK sport has the most fatalities each year?

12. What did K T Surabaya the marathon runner do after he failed to win the 1964 Olymoic Marathon Gold?

13. Cycling: Why did the 1987 Tour De France winner, Stephen Roche share the podium in Paris with Jeannie Long?

14. What was the half time score in last weekends spurs ? man utd match

15. Soccer: Who was the first player to play on the winning side for two different teams in FA Cup finals in successive years?

16. In which event might you hear a reference to ?hitch kick?

17. A Buttonhook is a term used in which sport

18. Bullfighting: What name is given to the world?s highest paid bullfighter?

19. Where would you see a horse jump over The Chair?

20. How many players are there in a volleyball team?


1. Archery

2. Calgary

3. Skiing

4. Cardiff Millennium Stadium

5. a stoop

6. Epee foil sabre

7. Ice figure skating

8. First women to swim channel

9. Seoul, South Korea

10. Jesse Owens

11. Fishing

12. Committed Hari Kiri

13. She won the womans equivalent race the Tour Feminin

14. 3-0

15. Brian Talbort(Ipswich/Arsenal)

16. Long Jump

17. Basketball

18. El Cordobes

19. Aintree

20. six


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