Olympic Games Quiz 1

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1. In which year were the first modern Olympic Games held?

2. Who won the Gold medal for Women's Javelin at the 1984 games?

3. Which city was the scheduled venue for the cancelled 1940 Olympic Games?

4. Due to quarantine laws, in which city were the horse riding events held for the Melbourne Games?

5. Which country were Olympic hockey champions from 1928 until 1960?

6. Whose long-jump record - set at the 1968 games - was not beaten for 23 years?

7. Who was the 1968 Olympic heavyweight boxing champion?

8. Which racket sport made it's Olympic debut in 1992?

9. Which city was the first to hold the Summer games twice?

10. Who was the 1996 men's singles Olympic tennis champion?  

11. What two events feature in the biathlon?

12. Why did the name of Danuta Rosani go down in Olympic history in 1976?

13. Why are there 5 rings on an Olympic flag?

14. Which UK runner twice won the gold medal for the 1500 metres?

15. Which terrorist group claimed they were responsible for the massacre of the Israeli athletes in Munich?

16. Which one of the 5 continents that compete in the Olympic games have never held the Olympic Games?

17. In the parade at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, which country always enters the stadium first?

18. What was the name of the mascot of the 1980 Moscow Olympics?

19. What country does athlete Frankie Fredericks represent at the Olympics?

20. In what year did Nadia Comenechi achieve the perfect score, the year when the score board couldn?t display the score?


1. 1896 (Athens)

2. Tessa Sanderson

3. Tokyo

4. Stockholm

5. India

6. Bob Beamon

7. George Foreman

8. Badminton

9. Paris

10. Andre Agassi  

11. Cross country skiing, shooting

12. First athlete to be disqualified for a drugs test

13. They represent the continents

14. Sebastian Coe

15. Black September

16. Africa

17. Greece

18. Misha the bear

19. Namibia

20. 1976


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