Sport Quiz 17

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1. Which sport combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting?

2. Which rugby league team are known as the bears?

3. Ames Whittaker captained which side to the county championship?

4. Shannon miler is famous for which sport?

5. In boxing what is the lowest weight category?

6. The Mackeson gold cup is run at which course?

7. In 1996, which country was expelled from rugby?s five nation?s?

8. Wentworth golf course is in which county?

9. Aikido is the ancient Japanese art of what?

10. Was Bertie Blunt the name of the rider or the horse that won the 1996 Badmington horse trials?  

11. Who won her 7th World Championship snooker title in 1994?

12. Which Briton became men's figure skating world champion in 1976?

13. Who did John McEnroe win 5 Wimbledon doubles championships with?

14. On a standard dartboard, which number is directly opposite number 1?

15. Who won Great Britain's first Gold medal at the 2000 Olympics?

16. Beckett's is a corner on which racing circuit?

17. In which sport was the diameter of the ball increased by 2mm to make it easier to be seen on television?

18. Where is the British Grand Prix held (from 2010 onwards)?


1. Biathlon.

2. Oldham.

3. Leicestershire.

4. Gymnastics.

5. Straw Weight.

6. Cheltenham.

7. England

8. Surrey.

9. Self Defence

10. Horse

11. Alison Fisher

12. John Curry

13. Peter Fleming

14. 19

15. Jason Queally

16. Silverstone

17. Table Tennis

18. Silverstone (corrected)


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