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The following quiz questions were submitted by John Tustin from Thailand. Thanks John, great questions, much appreciated!

1. In an International Athletics Event how many throwing disciplines are there?

2. What sport will be played at Horse Guard's Parade when London hosts the 2012 Summer Olympic Games?

3. What is the maximum duration of a Formula One Championship race?

4. Ina game of cricket, one umpire stands behind the bowler's wicket, near what fielding position does the other umpire usually stand?

5. How many players are there in a team playing a Futsal Tournament?

6. Who are the current men's Field Hockey World Cup holders?

7. What name is given to the programme of baseball competitions organized for youngsters in the USA?

8. Whop are the current holders of the African Cup of Nations?

9. How many modes of dismissal are there in a game of cricket?

10. What was unique about marathon olympic gold medalist Abebe Bikila? 


1. Four. Javelin, Discus. Hammer, Shot

2. Beach Volley Ball

3. Two Hours

4. Square Leg

5. Five ( Its five -a-side Soccer)

6. Germany

7. Little League

8. Egypt ( They have also won it most times)

9. Ten

10. He won his first marathon barefoot/ He was the first athlete to win 2 consecutive gold medals at marathon 


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