Winter Sports Quiz 1

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Sports Quiz1. In Skiing, what is another name for cross-country racing?

2. How many competitors form a team in Bobsleigh racing?

3. Katarina Witt has been one of the world?s brightest skating stars, what country did she represent?

4. In ice hockey, what is the sin bin?

5. What is a piste?

6. In which year were the first winter Olympics?

7. What name is given to a toboggan with metal runners, but no steering or brakes, ridden in a sitting or face up lying position?

8. In ice-skating what is tracing?

9. What is the crouched position in downhill racing on smooth straight slopes called?

10. In which country did Ice Hockey originate?  


1. Nordic

2. 2 or 4

3. East Germany

4. The penalty box where players infringing the rules sit out

5. A downhill ski trail

6. 1924

7. Luge

8. The marks made on the ice by the skate

9. Egg position

10. Canada


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