Sporting Record Breakers Quiz 1

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Sports Quiz1. Ian Botham first played for which county?

2. Eddie Merckx was a record breaker at which sport?

3. Which team set a record as rugby league champs in the 90?s?

4. In which sport was Mark Spitz a record breaker?

5. Who won the first 15 world pro snooker championships?

6. Which team won soccer?s world cup for a fourth time in 1994?

7. Sean Fitzpatrick played for which international team?

8. Billy Meridith was playing soccer for which country when aged 45?

9. Gillian Clarke made record England appearances in which sport?

10. Who became the first player to score over 500 in first class cricket?  


1. Somerset

2. Cycling

3. Wigan

4. Swimming

5. Joe Davies

6. Brazil

7. The All Blacks

8. Wales

9. Badminton

10. Brian Lara


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