Pauls Sports Quiz 2

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"Sports is the toy department of human life
    Howard Cosell   

"I always turn to the sports pages first, which records peoples accomplishments. The front page has nothing but mans failures"   
    Earl Warren   

Sports Quiz1.  Which sport did George Washington and his troops play at Valley Forge?

2. In which five games can one achieve a traditional Grand Slam?  (Curling and Darts excluded)

3. Name the sport associated with the following fictional characters.  
    a. Ivan Drago  
    b. Loretta Brown  
    c. Al Bundy  
    d. Hanson brothers  
    e. Fat Bastard  
    f. Gidget  
    g. Dick Dastardly  
    h. Beatrix Kiddo

4. What is a Zamboni?

5. Which sport did the Deep Space 'Niners' play agianst the Vulcans in the holosuite?

6. Some claim the first international in which sport was played between Canada and the USA in 1844 ?

7. In which sport, sometimes called 'the fastest game in the world',  can the ball reach speeds of up to 302 km/h (188 mph)?   Two words

8. The following are all sport related quotations.   Choose two and name the man or woman responsible.  
    a. The Green Bay Packers never lost a football game. They just ran out of time.  
    b. Cricket civilizes people and creates good gentlemen. I want everyone to play cricket in Zimbabwe, I want ours to be a nation of gentlemen  
    c. I'm the good quality dog meat. I'm the Alpo of the NBA  
    d. Sport, it doesnt matter whether you win or lose, it's how drunk you get.  
    e. When I played pro football I never set out to hurt anyone deliberately unless it was, you know, important, like a league game or something.  (American football) 
    f.. I know I am getting better at golf because I am hitting fewer spectators

9. The following books were written by or about which sport personalities?  
    a. How life imitates chess  
    b. Totally Frank  
    c. Every second counts

10. There have been some great names over the years in sport. Here's one that stands out, Napoleon Einstein ! Fear, power and genius in one name.  In which sport is Napoleon Einstein a crack?     
    a. Snooker  
    b. Table tennis  
    c. Cricket  
    d. Chess  
    e. Ice hockey


1. Cricket

2. Tennis, golf, baseball, bridge and rugby

3. Eight Answers
    a. Boxing (Rocky)
    b. Cricket (Family Guy)
    c. American football (Married with children)
    d. Ice hockey (Slap Shot)
    e. Sumo (Austin Powers)
    f. Surfing (Gidget films)
    g. Motor racing (Wacky Races)
    h. Martial arts (Kill Bill)

4. A vehicle which cleans the ice surface

5. Baseball

6. Cricket

7. Jai alai

8. Seven Answers
    a. Vince Lombardi  
    b. Robert Mugabe  
    c. Shaquille O'Neal  
    d. Homer Simpson  
    e. Dick Butkus  
    f.  Gerald R. Ford

9. Three Answers
    a. Gary Kasparow  
    b. Frank Lampard  
    c. Lance Armstrong

10. c. Cricket (Indian Premier League) 


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