Football Quiz 2

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The following quiz was submitted by Mike Andrews from the UK, cheers Mike, great job and keep 'em coming!

Sports Quiz1. Wembley Stadium was opened in 1923 in time for the FA Cup Final. Can you name either of the 2 teams who played in the final?

2. Which footballer was known as ?The wizard of Dribble??

3. What is the international governing body of football called?

4. Who captained the English World Cup winning soccer team at the final in Wembley in 1966

5. What is the name of Leeds United home ground?

6. Which Scottish football team play their home matches at Hampden park?

7. Name the two national teams to compete in the first World Cup football competition final in 1930?

8. Which is the highest football ground in the English League?

9. Who was the manager of the Republic of Ireland for the 1994 World cup finals?

10. Which Scottish football club plays its home games on a ground called Tyne castle?  


1. Bolton Wanderers or West ham

2. Stanley Mathews


4. Bobby Moore

5. Elland Road

6. Queen's Park F.C. 

7. Argentina and Uruguay

8. West Bromwich Albion / The hawthorns

9. Jack Charlton

10. Heart of Midlothian


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