Sport Quiz 20

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The following quiz round was submitted by Paul Downie from the UK.
Tuesday nights at the King Harold, in Harold Wood and Thursdays at The Hutton, in Shenfield.
Many thanks once again, Paul

Sports Quiz1. Gr?me Le Saux was born in which Islands?

2. What, in Britain?s capital, did Dionico Ceron win for 3 years in a row?

3. At which US sports event did Janet Jackson famously suffer a wardrobe malfunction?

4. After which horny animal is the Leeds Rugby Super League team named?.

5. On what surface is curling played?

6. With which sport do you associate TV commentator, Julian Wilson?

7. Steve Bloomer is associated with which sport?

8. Which football club plays at the Riverside Stadium?

9. In which sport do participants wear sheepskin nosebands?

10. How many league goals did Bobby Charlton score for Manchester United?


1. The Channel Islands

2. The London Marathon.

3. The Superbowl.

4. Rhinos

5. Ice.

6. Horse?racing.

7. Football.

8. Middlesbrough

9. Horse?Racing

10. 199


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