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Sports Quiz1. How many rounds make up an amateur boxing match?

2. Which annual championship was first held on 17 October 1860 at Prestwick, Ayrshire and was won by Willie Park Senior?

3. How many greyhounds contest the final of the Greyhound Derby?

4. Which fellow Australian partnered John Newcombe to 3 successive Wimbledon Men?s Doubles titles from 1968-1970?

5. In Rugby Union, how many matches need to be won to achieve the Grand Slam?

6. Which sport is generally regarded as been the fastest ball game?

7. How many yards are there between each set of stumps in cricket?

8. What name is given to the lightest weight category in Olympic boxing?

9. Name one of the riders who has won the Tour de France 5 times before the year 2005?

10. Which sport was banned in Scotland in 1457?  


1. 3

2. British Open Golf

3. 6

4. Tony Roche

5. 5

6. Pelota

7. 22 yards

8. Light-Flyweight

9. Jacques Anquetil, Bernard Hinault  Eddy Mercx or M. Indurain

10. Golf


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